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About Grace


Our church was founded in 1810 by local residents looking for a place to practice their faith. It took several years to erect the first building for the church; however, we have been at our present site since 1814. The church and much of the surrounding community were destroyed by fire in 1841. Fire, flood, and the passage of time have changed the outward appearance of Grace Church many times, but the beauty and spirit of the members continues to this day. Many special people have been members of our Parish family - we hope you will be too, for each little thing we do today is a part of tomorrow's history.

Grace Church is a parish in the Albany Episcopal Diocese.

Church Leadership


Our Clergy, Vestry and Church Leadership


Vicar: Rev. Katherine Alonge-Coons


Deacon: Rev. Denise Moore


Wardens:  Frank Dooris, Jill Simoncic

Vestry: Carol Bailey, Daniel Clayton, Helen DeLaMater, Brian Foley, Colleen Hanrahan, Lisa Kersey,

Treasurer: Mary Ann Kelts

Clerk of the Vestry: Rev. Denise Moore

Organist: Daniel Clayton

Sexton: Colleen Coloney 

Healthy Conversation

The vestry of Grace Church has established Ground Rules for Conversations.  This document may be found here.

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